A word from CEO

Weal Yield (Jiangsu) Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. is determined to be a well-known professional world-class manufacturer in plate heat exchanger. Every employee is the indispensable power to achieve this aim and go on keeping the leading position.

I request every employee is proud to do his? own job and proud to be a family member of Weal Yield (Jiangsu). I also encourage every employee to join in activities useful and helpful for our company.

The difference between ordinary companies and outstanding companies is the difference of the employees. Our employees should be and must be qualified by: 1) quality first;2) solemn commitment;3) respect each other;4) pursuing high efficiency;5) satisfying requests from customers;6)teamwork;7)being truthful and keeping promises;8)conducting oneself honest. Only if all the members work closely together, we would be successful..

Thank every active employee of Weal Yield ( Jiangsu )


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